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About Us

Dr. Walter J. Hutto

Dr. Walter J. Hutto built and opened Hutto Animal Hospital in the early 1960’s and worked straight up until 10 days before he passed at the age of 87, in May of 2018. Dr. Hutto was a much-loved and compassionate veterinarian who gave all he had to his patients, his clients, his family and his community. After his passing, there was still a need for veterinary medicine in the area. Dr. Chavis opened the Hutto Veterinary Clinic in 2019 and has built on the foundation of what Dr. Hutto started – both literally and figuratively.

Today, the clinic has been remodeled inside and there are more projects planned down the road. We also brought some modern equipment along – brand new state-of-the-art digital x-ray, full service dental suite with dental x-rays, in-house and reference labs, surgical suite with full monitoring capabilities, an app for all our clients to easily access records as well as communicate with us, telemedicine and more. What we did not change was compassion. From our receptionist to the doctor, we all truly love our patients and want to give them the best care.

We are also committed to helping those who cannot help themselves. We have partnered with the AVMA to start our own charitable fund for helping pets belonging to veterans, low-income families, and other situations where finances can be a life or death factor. We appreciate any contribution you can give to help us give back. Please visit our donation page here:

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